We create websites and applications for the web and mobile

We are Fourteen Inch, a compact studio built by people with different technical and creative backgrounds. We shook hands with the internet back in 2002 and had the privilege to work with great companies like Panasonic, Adidas, Chrysler and Vodafone.

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So, what's the deal?

It’s really simple, the Internet is evolving and we want everyone to keep up with the movement. With the help of today’s modern browsers and devices, our responsibility is to provide a seamless user experience across all your screens. We love challenges and we have tons of fun while solving problems and contributing to the creation of great products for you, your audience and your customers.

For everyone

Artists, architects, photographers, musicians, engineers, technicians, doctors, artisans, bloggers... You name it. We take any sector very seriously and we craft each pixel and line of code to get you the first class seat on the web.

What you get


Faster content delivery thanks to our hosting services based on Amazon AWS, Rackspace, Linode and Digital Ocean. We ensure your data is delivered with at minimal possible latency, to make your website or mobile application blazing fast.

Responsive Design

We make sure your website is accessible on virtually every connected device of any screen size. As over 18% of global web traffic comes through mobile, we use responsive design techniques to deliver a seamless web experience.

Basic and custom analytics

Keep a closer eye on your audience and access analytics and realtime action reports. We integrate your website or mobile application with multiple services including Google Analytics, New Relic, ClickTale and Optimizely.

Content Management

We have been dealing with Content Management strategies since 2007, creating functional and easy to use systems for large corporations. Today, we ship your website with our in house Fourteen Inch CMS, which gives you seamless control over your data.

User Experience

We blend beautiful interfaces with complex functions without sacrificing the usability facet of your web or mobile application, maintaining a smooth and delightful experience.

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